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Located in Altoona, PA, we are proud to be Blair County's 1st Eco-Friendly Store! We offer ethically made apparel, accessories, and eco-friendly products to help you reduce your waste, as well as the area's 1st and only refillery. This means you can bring your own clean, dry container and fill up on the essentials (dishwasher pods, shampoo, hand soap, etc.) Our products can be found in our brick-and-mortar store and on our online shop. We provide plastic free packaging in-store and online. When you make a purchase at Wildfire, you can know you’re helping the environment and supporting a small business.

Where To Find Us

Get directions: 1302 11th Ave, Altoona, PA 16601 (beside The Clay Cup in Downtown Altoona)

Our Brands

We purchase from suppliers who share our same values. We reach out to each maker before buying to ensure that it's coming from an ethical, safe, and fair wage working environment.

Our Impact

We encourage our suppliers to ship plastic free in order to reduce unnecessary plastic waste. We have some suppliers who are unable to ship plastic free so we recycle it in hope that it doesn't end up in our oceans or the landfill.

Meet the Owner

(Photo by Sarah Garber - Owner, The Clay Cup & Westfall Coffee Co.)

At 19 years old, Emily McCarty obtained a business license and began brainstorming the logistics of her brick-and-mortar shop, Wildfire. To further her network and education, she attended events and seminars with the Blair County Chamber of Commerce, Altoona Launchbox, State College Launchbox, and Small Business Development Center. With a start-up cost of about $5,000, zero student or business loans, and nothing to lose, Emily opened the doors to Wildfire in October 2019. Her business survived a nationwide shutdown just five months into the opening, and she continues to happily serve the community. Wildfire is committed to providing plastic-free, sustainable goods that help reduce your impact on our planet. She started off selling shampoo bars and bamboo toothbrushes to see how it went and now offers over 50 different eco-friendly products– including, Altoona's first and only refillery, where you can bring your own container and fill up on home goods like dish soap, laundry powder, body wash, and more. Emily enjoys the challenges and freedoms of owning a storefront at 24 years old and credits her success to her mentor, who offered encouragement and wisdom in all she does.