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Plastic Free Mascara

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This can be used as mascara or eyeliner. It goes on smoothly and does NOT clump or flake. Each mascara purchase comes with a bamboo spoolie. Our mascara lasts 3 times longer than mascara in a plastic tube & can easily be removed with warm water.

.25 oz tin 2"L x 1"W x 3/8"D

USA made | No Parabens | Vegan | Cruelty Free | Fragrance Free

To use

Wet mascara brush under water & rub it over your mascara cake. Add more water to your brush if it seems too dry. Do not put water directly into the tin. Apply a thin coat of mascara & allow it to dry completely before you apply another. A second coat will give a fuller, thicker look. You can also use an eyeliner brush & follow the same instructions for eyeliner.


Xanthan gum, gum arabic, stearic acid, potassium sorbate, soywax, carnauba wax, glycerin, black oxide, candelilla wax, aloe vera juice, ceteareeth-20

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