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Make Up Eraser


You can erase all of your makeup with JUST water. This option is much more affordable for your wallet and save the Earth from single-use cotton rounds/makeup remover bottles. One of these Make Up Erasers lasts 3-5 years and is equal to 3,600 make up wipes. It's softer than your favorite blanket, making it super comfortable against the skin, even sensitive areas (like around the eyes). Safe for all skin types and dermatologist recommended.

Vegan. Hypoallergenic. Cruelty Free.

To use

Wet the eraser under WARM water and rub off make up in circular motions. Machine wash with hot water approx. 1-2 times a week with any load of laundry. TIP: wash with your towel load. This will cause more friction in your machine so your MakeUpEraser comes out looking brand new!


You can wash your MakeUp Eraser with ANY load of laundry, but we recommend on hot with your towel load for best results.

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Make Up Eraser