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Eco-Friendly Loofah


Our sustainable loofahs are a great alternative to plastic dish sponges and bath loofahs. Each loofah expands when wet (as pictured) and naturally exfoliates your skin, cleans dishes, sinks, tubs, etc. Each scrubber is grown using traditional methods and do not contain any herbicides, pesticides, and are completely unprocessed.

Use + Disposal

This natural loofah sponge can be used for up to one month in the shower to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, or in the kitchen to scrub dishes clean! Rinse with clean water after each use and hang it to dry. Don’t store it in the shower to dry. Our zero waste loofahs are 100% plant fibers and compost within 30 days. 

Note: Because the product is 100% natural, there may be some black seeds/residue left inside of the loofah. No worries though! This does no harm and they will fall out over time.

Dimensions: 4 inches long x 3 inches wide

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Eco-Friendly Loofah