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Dish Soap Refill


Save plastic waste and get even more of the plant-based, grease-fighting dish soap you love with our mandarin basil scented dish soap refill. We've left out harsh ingredients, dye and synthetic fragrance, so it's gentle on your hands and won't leave traces of potentially harmful chemicals on your dishes. Powered naturally by coconut extracts, sea salt and citrus, it's also greywater friendly and biodegradable. Mandarin orange and basil essential oils not only add a soft, natural scent but fight bacteria as well.

Pair with our 16 oz dish soap.

Why refills?

This will refill our 16 oz dish soap bottle more than 2 times! Most brands don’t offer refills which results in more plastic waste and time running to the store, not to mention less value for consumers. Our refills allow you to reuse plastic bottles and save money!

What’s in it:

Purified water, coconut-based active ingredients, citric acid, sea salt, mandarin orange and basil essential oils.

What’s not in it:

Fragrance, dye, synthetic foaming agents, unnatural preservatives, water softening agents, pH adjusters, buffering agents, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, nor anything from formaldehyde.

It’s all good: We don’t believe in animal testing; this product is vegan-friendly, biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Made in Massachusetts.


Purified water, sodium coco sulfate (from coconut), lauryl glucoside (from coconut), laureth-9 (from coconut), lauramine Oxide (from coconut), citric acid (from citrus fruit), potassium sorbate (a food grade preservative), sea salt, natural mandarin orange oil, natural basil oil.

Dish Soap Refill